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    Knutson Building Limited is devoted to delivering exceptional performance to our clients
  • Delivering exceptional performance to our clients

    Positive customer relationships is the key to our sustainability.
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    Efficient project management and effective logistics
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What can we do?

From providing the design, performing the ground work for utilities, completing all supporting infrasture for housing developments, including of course, building complete turn-key homes, providing single solution. The easier question to ask would be, "What can't we do"?

Heated Concrete Floors

You can save energy and create a healthier, more comfortable living environment by having the floor itself distribute the heat-from the ground up-via a radiant in-floor heating system.



Commercial Renovations

Years of experience in both residential and commercial renovation and restoration projects, we've always maintained high standards in the quality of our work while still offering fair and competitive pricing.


Large and Small Projects

high quality craftsmanship in the commercial construction industry at a very competitive cost. It is the goal of the company to achieve a great reputation for quality and on-time delivery.

Commercial Construction

Custom Homes


Residential Construction

Recent Projects

We have completed several housing projects ranging from custom build homes to foundations for RTM and modular homes. Presently, we are in the acquisitions stage for an "all access" energy efficient housing development project in the East Lake Winnipeg area.