Knutson Building LTD (KBL) is committed to provide the safest and healthiest workplaces achievable. This commitment is not exclusive to employees; it extends to our clients and their employees, the public, subcontractors, visitors, consultants, regulatory inspectors and all other persons who may be affected by KBL activities, or the hazards inherent to the project sites. To fulfill this commitment to health and safety, KBL is committed to:

•    Developing and communicating clear health and safety related responsibilities, accountabilities and lines of communication for every person/position.
•    Thoroughly evaluating projects for health and safety hazards, and developing controls to protect personnel.
•    Providing adequate levels of professional supervision on every project.
•    Ensuring all persons working/visiting Knutson Building Ltd. projects receive project specific health and safety information, and are knowledgeable of the controls that will keep them safe.
•    Developing and maintaining a competency based employee education and training program.
•    Providing appropriate and well-maintained tools, equipment and personal protective equipment.
•    Regularly auditing the company’s and individual’s health and safety performance.
•    Regularly communicating and reinforcing the company’s health and safety goals and objectives.
•    Recognizing that workers have the right to work a safe and healthy work environment.

KBL recognizes that safety excellence cannot be achieved without the active participation of everyone. For this reason KBL will only retain the services of those employees, supervisors, managers and subcontractors that through the completion of their work continuously demonstrate excellence in compliance with KBL and legislative safety requirements.
KBL is proud to have maintained COR™ Certification since 2015 - the highest safety distinction available in the industry.

COR™ Certification is nationally recognized by provincial jurisdictions participating in the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations and is recognized as the ultimate distinction for construction companies. The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) Program is an occupational health and safety certification program for construction industry employers aimed at reducing the human and financial costs associated with workplace accidents and injuries. To achieve COR™ Certification, a company must successfully pass an audit conducted by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba and also an audit conducted by an independent auditor.